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Foundation education competitive process.

The TEC runs a biannual competitive allocation process for funding for foundation education teaching and learning. We worked with a number of TEOs to assist them with their proposals. This work included sourcing and analysing data about past allocation decisions including estimating the funding rates agreed by the TEC in the 2012 allocation round.

This information provided our clients with a competitive advantage in setting their proposed funding rates for the 2014 allocation round.

The Southern Initiative Infrastructure Consortium.

The Southern Initiative Infrastructure Consortium was formally launched on 25 August 2015 at the Manukau Civic Centre in Auckland. The consortium is one of several Maori and Pasifika Trades Training Initiatives in operation across New Zealand.

Mischewski Consulting worked with Auckland Council to prepare the consortium's successful application for funding, managed the establishment of the consortium, co-ordinated the activities of key stakeholders, and supported the consortium's successful bid for renewal of its funding.

Performance-based Research Fund.

The Performance-based Research Fund determines the allocation of $262 million per annum to tertiary education organisations based on the quality of the research undertaken at these organisations. The most significant component of the fund is the Quality Evaluation. We supported the training of panel members, worked with the Moderation Panel to ensure that assessment standards were applied consistently, and wrote the report of the 2012 Quality Evaluation.

Pacific Health Workforce Service Forecast.

The Pacific Health Workforce Service Forecast provides an overview of the main 'inflows' into the Pacific health workforce, and identified a number of priorities for changes in the way health services are delivered for Pacific peoples. The report is published online and is one of 13 workforce forecasts commissioned by Health Workforce New Zealand.

Mischewski Consulting worked with Pacific Perspectives to describe the role of the education system in developing the Pacific health workforce and developed a model to forecast the size of the workforce through to 2020.