Some of the things that we have been working on recently.

Investment Plans

We have worked with several tertiary education organisations to develop Investment Plans and competitive SAC proposals.

These suite of projects involved analysis of key economic and social data for the relevant regions, and meetings with the senior managers of the ITPs. Key economic and social data for the relevant regions was translated into practical summaries that formed a key element of each ITP's performance story.

Meetings with senior staff of the ITPs provided an opportunity to understand how the key contributions that the organisations were planning to make aligned with the priorities set out in the Tertiary Education Strategy. Conversational interviewing techniques were used to collect information about the contributions that each school and service division were planning to make. Outcomes hierarchies were then developed to highlight key contributions.

We then worked with each ITP to refine the draft documents taking into account the latest advice from the TEC and the direction set by each TEO's Council.

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